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Kellogg’s Chocos Chocolate Cereal 500 g

Kellogg’s Chocos Chocolate Cereal 500 g

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Kellogg's Chocos Chocolate Cereal from Cyprus. 

Kellogg's Chocos Chocolate Cereal is the perfect way to start your day. Made of crunchy wheat flakes and enriched with a delicious chocolate flavour, this cereal is high in vitamins and minerals for a healthy breakfast. Enjoy a bowl of Chocos to kick start your day full of energy.

Ingredients Wheat flour (66%), sugar, chocolate powder (11%)(sugar, cocoa powder), fat reduced cocoa powder, glucose syrup, salt, cinnamon, natural flavouring. VITAMINS & MINERALS: Niacin, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B2(riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamin), folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D
Allergy Info Contains wheat



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