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Otto's Athens Vermouth 750 ml

Otto's Athens Vermouth 750 ml

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A few steps away from Otto’s house on the upper floor of a neoclassical building under the buzz of a one of the top 50 bars of the world, a passionate team revived the great times of Athens Vermouth and crafted the first bottle of Otto’s Athens Vermouth.

High quality Greek wine infused with rose petals, wormwood, citrus fruit, olive leaves and herbs grown under the sun of Athens such as oregano and angelica, creating a uniquely Greek flavor.

Crafted in Athens using high quality wine aromatised with herbs, spices and citrus fruits from Greece, Otto's Athens Vermouth has a uniquely Greek flavour. 

Perfect as an aperitif.


Shipping to USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and selected countries worldwide!

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