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Tsipouro Tsilili Thessalias 700ml without anise

Tsipouro Tsilili Thessalias 700ml without anise

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The original greek distillate of grape is refined trough the art and the many years’ knowledge of the Tsililis family.

Tsipouro Tsilili is the first to be bottled in Thessaly, which is the hometown of tsipouro with a long historical tradition and the region with the largest producuction of tsipouro in the country. Tsipouro with the Geographical Indication "Thessaly" is a recognized product from the EU with particular organoleptic characteristics.

Tsipouro Tsilili of Thessaly is produced from grapes of high quality aromatic varieties grown in selected vineyards of the Thessalian land under controlled conditions with respect to humans and the environment. After alcoholic fermentation, the marc is distilled in small, discontinuous, stainless-copper pot-stills using steam through a patient and thorough process. Only the "heart" is collected, the part of the distillate that has the most clean, elegant aromas, velvety taste and is free from harmful substances, to become Tsipouro Tsilili.

Tsipouro Tsilili takes two forms: one without anise dominated by the grape varietal aromas and one with anise where the spicy aromas of Greek herbs give a traditional character.


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