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ΝΟΥΝΟΥ Light Evaporated Milk 400 g

ΝΟΥΝΟΥ Light Evaporated Milk 400 g

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Evaporated milk. ΝΟΥΝΟΥ Light is made from 100% premium quality cow's milk, with a simple traditional recipe, offering the nutritional value of milk and the wonderful taste of ΝΟΥΝΟΥ with less fat. ΝΟΥΝΟΥ Light is a light and enjoyable drink, for all modern people, looking for a healthy, low fat diet. With high nutritional values and great taste, ΝΟΥΝΟΥ Light is the perfect choice for any time of day


Ingredients Partially skimmed cow's milk, acidity regulator: sodium phosphate. Fat: 4%, O.S.Y.G: 24%. Sterile
Allergy Info Contains milk
Prepare Use Shake well before opening. Dilute 1 part milk with 1 part water, hot or cold. This way you will have partial skimmed milk with 2.2% fat. Keep it in a cool and dry place. After opening keep refrigerated
Additional Attributes Naturally rich in: Vitamin B12 Protein Calcium Phosphorus Vitamin D
Storage Store in a cool and dry place. After opening, store in the refrigerator
Net Contents 400 g



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