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Grace Gin - 700 ml - Greek Gin

Grace Gin - 700 ml - Greek Gin

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Avantes Distillery presents an intriguing creation in collaboration with LKC-PREMIUM DRINKS—a rare Greek gem crafted with precision. This exceptional Gin, meticulously distilled using age-old methods and the expertise of seasoned perfumers, is a testament to Greece's aromatic splendor.

Within its limited production, this Gin unveils a symphony of intricate Greek terroir scents. Here, juniper takes center stage, harmonizing flawlessly with the distinctive sea fennel, delicate myrtle flowers, and the revered mastic tree. Its crystal-clear profile offers robustness, delivering an unmistakable fusion of zesty citrus and fragrant orange blossom alongside an array of herbal nuances.

Its enduring finish lingers with a delightful spiciness, leaving an indelible impression


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