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Ouzo JIVAERI 200ml

Ouzo JIVAERI 200ml

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Sun, sky and sea …
The Greek summer and spirit of freedom travels to small islands drenched in the colors of the Aegean. Friends gather at beaches and the countryside, ingardens, courtyards and balconies.
The summer aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle mix with the sweet sound of glasses collidin together. The senses surrender and the fun begins!
And the leading role in this camaraderie… is the Ouzo. Jivaeri Ouzo


Ouzo straight or with ice is a traditional appetizer in the Mediterranean cuisine. The aroma of the seeds and herbs is released, the synthesis of the drink is intensified, the taste gets soft and the senses are delighted.


Alcohol – Ouzo JIVAERI is produced from agricultural source of high quality alcohol.

Water – crystal clear, rich in minerals from the roots of the Gods’ mountain – Olympus.

Fragrant seeds and herbs – this components’ combination is the real Ouzo secret. The unique fine aroma of Jivaeri and its rich velvet taste flows from the “marriage” during distillation of 14 carefully selected aromatic seeds and herbs such as finokio, anise, nutmeg, asteroidal, etc.


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