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OUZO VANTANA AENAON 200 ml from Greece

OUZO VANTANA AENAON 200 ml from Greece

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Ouzo was one of the first products developed by Panagiotis Vantanas back in 1904, when he opened his distillery in Patras.

Vantana Aenaon Ouzo, produced from the start of the distillery and for three generations now, is already over 100 years old.

The name Aenon, which means eternal, was added by the third generation of the family distillery to indicate the eternal and everlasting quality of Greece and its traditions, matching the identity of Ouzo Vantana with this specific recipe.

It is produced after quality distillation of many seeds and herbs, mainly anise, fennel, star anise and mastic.

During the slow distillation in traditional copper, built-in stills, the heads and tails, i.e. the initial and last part of the distillation, are removed. Only the “heart” is collected, so that this distillate has a more refined and sophisticated aroma.

The distillate is then diluted with crystal clear water from the mountains of Erymanthos.

Once diluted down to the desired alcohol by volume and filtered, is then left to mature and homogenize for a long time before being it is bottled.

Vantana Aenaon ouzo is soft, mild and pleasant. The anise aroma and its cool and fine flavour dominate.

Enjoy with water or ice or even neat, for those who prefer a more traditional touch. Cold water allows Ouzo to reach the right temperature and create its iconic cloudy texture, that is so loved by many.

It loves the sun, good friends and yummy meze dishes.

It is an excellent accompaniment to seafood dishes, like shrimps, octopus, calamari, sardines, as well as larger fish. It is also perfect with various Greek cheeses such as feta, kefalotyri, ladotiri, graviera and of course with appetizers like olives, tomato, saganaki, dako rusks, gigantes bean stew, fava, and several other dishes.

It can also be used for flavouring dishes and sauces.

Ouzo Vantana Aenaon can be the basis for imaginative cocktails with lime, orange, lemon, basil as well as blending with coffee.

It has received the following awards:

Gold Award, Frankfurt International Trophy 2021,
Silver Award, Score 91/100, International Wine & Spirits Competition IWSC 2020
Silver Award, Olymp Awards 2017



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