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AB Bechamel 174 g

AB Bechamel 174 g

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Prepare Use No need to boil. Ready in 1 min. For a large griddle (32x37cm), use 3 envelopes of béchamel. Pour in a bowl 1 1/2 L (7 ½ tea cups) of cold milk. Add slowly the content of the 3 envelopes, stirring with a hand mixer for 1-2 min. until the mixture gets smooth and thick. The béchamel is ready. It doesn't need eggs. Apply the béchamel over the food. For a richer taste sprinkle with melted butter or margarine. Sprinkle with cheese and place the food in the oven. To spice it up add pepper and nutmeg. For a small Pyrex use 1/2 L of milk and 1 envelope of béchamel


Ingredients Ingredients: Modified potato starch, vegetable oil (palm oil), wheat flour, salt, lactose, maltodextrin, milk protein, colouring (b-carotene)
Allergy Info Contains wheat, lactose, milk, milk products


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