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Apivita Queen Bee Absolute Anti-Aging & Reviving Eye Cream 15ml

Apivita Queen Bee Absolute Anti-Aging & Reviving Eye Cream 15ml

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The life-giving quintessence of the hive harmoniously blends the rejuvenating properties of royal jelly with the protecting and regenerating effects of propolis and honey, breathing life into the divine QUEEN BEE.

  • Reduces crow’s feet wrinkles and deep lines while restoring looseness.
  • Lifts eye lids & combats puffiness while reducing dark circles.
  • Deeply hydrates, brightens & revitalizes the around the eye area.


This opulent eye cream formulated with two patented controlled-release technologies that offer to the skin highly concentrated, continuous and long-lasting diffusion of royal jelly & propolis:

  • Reduces crow’s feet wrinkles and deep lines, protects and restores looseness, lifts eye lids and combats puffiness while reducing dark circles with controlled-release royal jelly and 2 marine biotechnological ingredients.
  • Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin with Api-honey fermented, squalane, olive oil, beeswax, panthenol and shea lavender.
  • Brightens, revitalizes the around eye area and helps repair the visible impact of lack of sleep, UV, pollution, even blue light with controlled-release propolis, Api-honey fermented and rose hip infusion.

Thanks to the breakthrough innovation of the patented controlled-release technology the super powerful royal jelly and the protective propolis are offered to the skin in a continuous and long-lasting way for higher effectiveness against the global signs of aging, while the new fermented honey ensures that the skin stays well-hydrated, nourished revealing a fresher, revitalized and youthful look.

How to Use

Delicately tap a small amount to cleansed skin around the eye area.

For external use only.

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