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METAXA Private Reserve - 700 ml

METAXA Private Reserve - 700 ml

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Brandy is recommended to be served in a short open glass, allowing to reveal the full range of aromas of this delicious drink. Private Reserve is ideal for important receptions, private dinners. Served neat or with ice as a digestif.


Dark amber brandy with honey tint.


The thrilling aroma of dried flowers, finished with oak notes, during the aeration process is replaced by a delightful combination of shades of old honey, citrus peel, coffee, chocolate, pear compote and a mixture of sweet spices.


The complex, generous, pleasantly warming taste of Metaxa is filled with delicate tones of oak, orange peel, raisins, dried figs and tobacco. A long-lasting aromatic aftertaste is adorned with smoky nuances and intonations of dried fruits (plums, figs).


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