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Mon Ami Zero % Lebanese Type Mahalepieh 200 g

Mon Ami Zero % Lebanese Type Mahalepieh 200 g

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Our Lebanese Mahalepieh Zer0% with no added sugar and low in fat, is a creamy dessert with syrup and ground pistachio nuts for toppings, that is ideal to be enjoyed after a long workout during summer. With a unique amazing taste and an incredible aroma, it is so easy to make that you simply need to add milk.

Ingredients Mahallepi powder mix (180g): skimmed milk powder, stabiliser (maize starch), sweeteners (maltitol), acesulphame-k, soucralose), flavourings, salt. Syrup powder mix (13g): sweeteners (maltitol, acesulphame-k, soucralose), flavouring
Allergy Info Contains pistachios. Produced in a factory which handles wheat, milk, oat, sulphur containing compounds and nuts
Prepare Use In a saucepan heat gently 1000 ml (4 glasses) of fresh skimmed milk for 3-4 minutes. Add the mahallepi 0% powder mix and stir continuously for 4-5 minutes on a high heat until the mixture thickens. Place the cream into a rectangular glass dish (16cm x 16cm) and allow to cool at room temperature for 1 ½-2 hours. At the same time prepare the syrup by dissolving the syrup 0% powder in 250 ml of room temperature water. Once the cream is cool, sprinkle the pistachio nibs onto the cream layer and place it in the fridge. Also place the syrup in the fridge to allow to cool. Serve after 2-2 ½ hours by pouring the syrup onto the cream
Storage The product must be stored in a cool dry place free of odours and insects
Net Contents 200 g


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