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Retsina NOTOS - from Greece

Retsina NOTOS - from Greece

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Retsina NOTOS in the 500 ml bottle is produced exclusively from the grape variety Roditis that is cultivated in semi-mountainous vineyards on the Slopes of Aegialeia.

The NOTOS Retsina in the 500ml bottle is a modern and light white wine full of aromas of white-fleshed fruits and citrus fruits in the background of the cool feeling of the pine resin. It is ideal to accompany moments, where we want to enjoy this special taste and freshness in whole but not the quantity.

Cool and mouth-watering, it is a perfect match with fried fish, seafood, legumes, and vegetable dishes of the Greek cuisine.

Enjoy it cool at 12ºC.


Shipping to USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and selected countries worldwide!

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