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Soli London Dry Gin 500 ml

Soli London Dry Gin 500 ml

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Soli Gin is produced on the island of Cyprus using carefully selected juniper berries & botanicals. Soli London Dry Gin is distilled from 11 botanicals with juniper and coriander, citrus peels: grapefruit, lemon, sweet and bitter orange, some floral: chamomile, jasmine and orris root, and also cubeb berries. The botanicals are added to the still with potable water and grain spirit distilled from wheat at 96%. Then closed and heat applied to bring the alcohol to boiling point. The distillate is collected and subsequently adjusted with potable water to 42%. Soli London Dry Gin at 42% is delicate and smooth, with a strong citrus aroma and fresh floral notes with a hint of pepper at the end

Country Cyprus
Net Contents 500 ml
ABV 42%


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