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To Dekaraki Muscat Tirvanos Tsipouro 700ml

To Dekaraki Muscat Tirvanos Tsipouro 700ml

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Dekaraki Muscat Tsipouro of Tirnavos is the first single-variety tsipouro, produced exclusively from the distillation of Tirnavos Muscat. In this way, it receives the maximum quality and aroma features of the particular variety.

Moreover, the variety is matched perfectly with the climate and soil of area, developing in this way, its unique aromatic character. Besides, the area of Tirnavos is a global reference point for this famous variety, as the cultivation of the local variety Muscat, is calculated to over 15,000 acres. In fact, Damasi village of Tirnavos, where Dekaraki Muscat Tsipouro of Tirnavos is cultivated, is the most famous vineyard of Muscat as it is one of the largest vineyard in Thessaly. Muscat is a red grape variety and its harvest is done in mid-September.

The “Dekaraki Muscat Tsipouro of Tirnavos” is produced only from Muscat grapes. Its unique aroma and unparalled flavour, noticeable in the first sip, are evidence of its high quality and an indication of the distiller’s art.


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